14. Southwest Explorer Womens Longboard (All ages)

$ 525.00

  1. You must do 8 of 8 events to qualify for the NSSA West Coast Championships and the NSSA Nationals.
  2. All events will count to determine the individual conference champions
  3. You must surf in the NSSA West Coast Championships to be eligible for the NSSA Nationals.
  4. You may surf in outer conference events to complete your required number of events to qualify.  The points do not intermingle.  You must do 50% in your resident conference.
  5. You can pay for events needed to qualify (non-attendance) and receive 100 points.
  6. If you live out of the country you may choose which conference you want to qualify in.
  7. ENTRY DEADLINE:Deadline for entry is the Wednesday before the event you are entering.  After 5pm the entry fee goes up $10
  8. Age for this season is - age as of 1/1/2018