Please Select a Conference

Before you register, please read this

  1. Before you choose to enter any event(s) you are required to be a current NSSA Member.  Please go to to pay your membership.
  2. It is the responsibility of the NSSA members to know and understand the NSSA rules.  Please go to to read the rule book.
  3. Entry deadline for each event is the Wednesday before the event you wish to enter.  Late entry fees will be applied 5pm on the Wednesday before each event.
  4. There will be no refunds or forwarding of entry fees after the deadline for each event.
  5. You may enter any future events at any time. 
  6. To qualify for the NSSA Championships you must surf the following events in the following conferences: Southwest Open 8 of 10 events (we will drop your 1 lowest score out of the 10 events to determine the conference champions), Southwest Explorer you must surf all 7 of 7 events (no scores will be dropped), Gold Coast Explorer you must surf 8 of 8 events (no scores will be dropped), Northwest Open 4 of 4 events (no scores will be dropped), Northwest Explorer 4 of 4 events (no scores will be dropped).
  7. You may pay for events that you cannot physically show up for to get your qualifying number of events and receive 100 points.
  8. IMPORTANT: If you pay for points and do not let me know by the deadline date (the Wednesday 5pm before the event you are entering) that you will not be showing up, you will forfeit the points and the entry fee.
  9. If you have any questions, please contact Gayline Clifford, West Coast Conference Director