11. Northwest Open U10 Girls

$ 340.00

  1. Age for this season is - age as of 1/1/2024.
  2. All dates and locations are subject to change.
  3. DEADLINE FOR ENTRY is 5pm the Tuesday before each event you are entering.
  4. To qualify for the West Coast Championships competitors MUST physically surf in 100% of the events (50% must be in your resident conference) and surf in 2 more events in your conference or in another conference to qualify for the regional championships. 
  5. To qualify for the Nationals, you must do the above and also surf in the West Coast Championships.
  6. If you pay for an event and do not alert me by the deadline date that you will not be attending (unless you have a doctor's note) you will not receive any points and will forfeit the entry fee.
  7. NW Explorer conference is Northwest Explorer is Santa Maria to Santa Cruz.